Year Zero / Nine Inch Nails

Musicians often get to score films – but how many writers get to “score” an album?  Matching stories and experiences to Trent Reznor’s future dystopia was a fascinating challenge.

The conceit of the Year Zero web sites was that all these fragments from 2022 had come from the same moment – the last moment before the world-ending arrival of The Presence.  They never changed during the run of the game, meaning that you can visit all the Year Zero sites and find the same things players did when the game was first launched.

Sometimes a simple experience can be the most fun.  (Hint:  click and drag as if you were copying text.)

Hour of Arrival is a short piece, a letter from one of the “bad guys” I guess, written to his daughter as the world is coming to an end…  (Hint – if you highlight the page as if you were going to copy it, that will make it easier to read…)