Cathy’s Key

Now available from Running Press

Six weeks after high-school graduation, Cathy can’t seem to keep a job, but she excels at Advanced Doodling in this sequel to Cathy’s Book (2007). Her immortal boyfriend, Victor, is off trying to unlock the key to immortality. No job and no boyfriend leave Cathy with the time she so desperately needs to avoid Tsao, yet another immortal who proclaims his undying love for her and won’t take no for an answer; to get her identity back from Jewel, a clever and sneaky girl she met on a bus; to convince Jewel’s ex-convict brother, Denny, not to enlist in the army; to discover if her father really is dead by raiding the office of the drug-happy doctor who signed his death certificate; and to navigate the ups and downs of her friendship with Emma, young business maven extraordinaire. A wonderfully zany voice, loads of doodles, interactive features, and madcap antics that unfold at a breakneck pace—all contribute to a reading experience that is just plain fun. Grades 8-11. –Holly Koelling

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