Published February 2000 by Ace

World Fantasy Award winner (2001)

This is your Basic "Boy Meets Girl, Boy Loses Everything, Girl becomes her Own Evil Twin, Boy Is Framed For Murder and Sent Along With Sidekick To Be Eaten By Cannibals, and Things Get Worse When The Weather Turns Bad" story.

Or you could think of it this way...

"In an intricately imagined 21st century Texas where magic has preempted technology, the island of Galveston is a haven of nonmagical stability. Ever since the cataclysmic Flood, in which magic swept away contemporary civilization, the real Galveston has coexisted with the magical Mardi Gras, where all those touched by magic are sent.

"The characters are believable and complex, which makes the ever-present magic all the more dramatic. An engrossing psychological drama, a lesson in poker technique, and a survival manual all in one, Stewart's new novel is not only terrific fun, but will send shivers of recognition down many a spine."—Publishers Weekly

"GALVESTON may be just slightly too calculating, too much in control of its generic material, to count as one of the ten or so fantasy novels one might fairly describe as the greatest ever written, but it comes awfully close. It is bigger than the neatest of its parts. It is bigger than the pages that it takes (as any great novel must be.)

"And it ends on a burn: the brilliant last pages of GALVESTON slingshot out of the cat's-cradle of Stewart's foreknowledge of the story he is telling, rewrite our knowledge of the main characters, make us love them finally. In the end, GALVESTON is a book that signals the growing maturity of one of the two or three best authors of fantasy now active."—John Clute

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