i love bees

A 5 1/2 hour audio drama about an alien invasion that was broadcast over payphones all around the world.  Wait – what?

Here’s how that happened.  Microsoft said, “We want the launch of Halo 2 to be more than a game release – we want this game about aliens invading the earth to be a Cultural Event.”  So, we figured the most successful Cultural Event about an alien invasion was obviously Orson Welles’ radio play version of War of the Worlds.  So … what would that look like today?

Elan and I were talking in his apartment.  “Radio play is good, but it doesn’t feel… new,” he said.

“And you couldn’t afford to buy all that airtime.”

“You know,” Elan said thoughtfully, “we could use pay phones…”

So I had to learn to write radio drama, and Jim Stewartson had to learn to program payphone content delivery, and 42 had to send small armies of payphone scouts all over the planet:  but as with so many things, it was all Elan’s fault…

Got a long commute?  Download the whole 5 1/2 hour audio drama!

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