The Cathy Books

It was Jordan’s idea, of course – why not take the fun ideas we had been exploring in Alternate Reality Games and roll them up into a book?  A book with a phone number on the front cover you could really call, and websites in the text you could really visit.  A book with physical clues inside, too – torn photographs and lipstick-stained napkins and grease-spotted menus from the diner where our heroes found a vital clue.

We talked over the story together, I wrote the words, and the talented Cathy Brigg spent hours and hours filling every page with Cathy’s doodles and snarky commentary.

Running Press took a chance on publishing Cathy, and her story turned into the best-selling books I have ever created.  Cathy and Emma’s adventures among the not-quite-human have been published in twelve languages and more than twenty countries.

cathy's ring