Published September 2005 by Small Beer Press
Published August 1998 by Ace


Toni Beauchamp never liked her mother’s world of magic and visions and six strange gods that took over her body at will. So when her mother died, Toni and her sister Candy thought it meant a new beginning, a life free of magic. But Elena had one last gift for her daughter – a sip from the Mockingbird Cordial. And from the moment Toni held the drink to her lips, her life would never be the same…

  • Nominated for the World Fantasy Award
  • New York Times Notable Book of the Year
  • Speculations Readers’ Poll Best Book of the Year
  • Picked as one of the top novels of 1998 by Locus, the San Francisco Chronicle, and The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror

“… Stewart’s best, most perfectly balanced novel yet. …In Stewart’s case, his ability to handle the real is what turns his novel into something that will likely, and deservedly, be remembered as a small masterpiece. Stewart’s control of tone is nothing short of brilliant; Toni’s no-nonsense Texas narrative voice immediately disarms us with its tall-tale overtones and its authentic (and genuinely funny) humor… in the end he gives us genuine magic, and in Mockingbird he gives us a work of genuine brilliance.”—Locus

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