Roundabout: An Interactive Comedy for Three and a Half Actors

Roundabout is a play written to embrace the world of 2020. It can be performed by actors in their own homes, and viewed remote – no theater required. Unlike a traditional play, it’s not meant to be performed at the audience, but with them.

The show is performed on a streaming platform with a video window and a chat channel. In the video window we start with your basic love triangle – two women and one man, two straight characters and a gay one.

What they don’t know is that over in the chat channel there are three other characters, digital beings tired of roaming the internet and desperate to have human bodies once more. They intend to move into the bodies in the video window – and it’s the audience that chooses who will possess whom, and when.

Hijinks ensue.

I started to write a long post about the interactive strategies around creating the show, but you know what? Just watch the play and enjoy the fabulous work of the NIDA cast and crew. For bonus points, keep one eye on the chat channel and watch how much fun the audience makes for itself. If you want to talk immersive theater after that, hit me up. 🙂

Performance #5 
Pat is Alpha, Sam is Omega, audience partial success (Red Line 2)

Performance #6 
Kit is Alpha, Sam is Omega, audience full success (Blue Line 1)

The complete script for Roundabout is now available here.

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